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We want you to have the best possible experience using Cyprus Swim Series’s website, and to achieve that we use cookies on cyprus-swim-series.com. You may also want to read our privacy policy and data retention policy. What are cookies? A cookie is a small encrypted text file stored on your web browser from websites. They are widely used by online businesses to collect data to learn more about their visitors in general. Some of the data collected includes origins of web traffic, amount of visitors and a visitors’ operating systems and browser types. To read more a detailed explanation of cookies, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org Why do we use cookies? In short, they make our website’s navigation and content better for you. Please keep in mind that certain features of our website may require the use of cookies in order to function properly and provide you with the best user experience. Learn more about the type of cookies we use below. Internal cookies We use our own cookies to ensure that some of our website’s features properly function, for example currency conversions, package searches, date selections and bookings. Please note that disabling Cyprus Swim Series’s cookies may result in incorrect or incomplete bookings. External cookies When visiting cyprus-swim-series.com, third parties may also place cookies on your browser for targeted advertising and analytical purposes. We use remarketing tools from advertising platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Pixel in order to tailor better messages to you as you browse the website. They also help us identify how our website is being used and how effective our sources of web traffic are. Furthermore, we use analytical tools like Google Analytics and Matomo Analytics to collect information on how, and from where, visitors navigate our website. This is done so that our website and product offerings are better adapted to our diverse clientele. Please be assured that we do not collect or store your personal information (e.g., your name or address) and that cookies cannot be used to personally identify you. To opt out of external adverting and analytical cookies, read below. Clearing all cookies Below are some guidelines you can use to clear your browsing history and all cookies from any site.
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Please note that disabling or clearing Cyprus Swim Series’s cookies may result in incorrect functionality in some of our website’s features. If you feel uncomfortable making a booking online, you may choose to place your order over the phone. Anonymous browsing You can also use this website using your browser’s anonymous usage setting, for example:
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If you still do not feel comfortable browsing cyprus-swim-series.com, you may leave the website by changing the website address or by simply closing the browser window. The cookie policy was updated on 16th of February 2019.